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The Sarigua Desert | Photography Print

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The Sarigua Desert


We entered the desert as the sun was coming up and soon were surrounded by a vibrant orange landscape. The sound of locust penetrated the air and a sense of being taken into another world took over. Truth be told, Sarigua is not a pretty place but as you walk across a bone-dry landscape a unique wonderland is revealed.


Sarigua Desert, Panama
Want to see Sarigua?  
Park Natinonal Sarigua

Sarigua National Park might not be worth a big detour however if you are in the area, it is worth a couple hours at sunrise or sunset.


This listing is for an unmatted and unframed open edition horizontal photography print that was created by me. This photograph will be printed on professional, high quality photography paper. The paper has a lustre finish, which has beautiful subtle texture and a slight sheen. Prints are shipped from Halifax.
Please note that the colours you see on your monitor may differ slightly from those of the print due to variations in monitor settings.
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