In the medina of Marrakesh there is a beautiful little home. Its decor is all in off-white and each item is perfectly placed. The rooftop reveals the perfect spot to sit and create. I would put on music and work on a project as I was surrounded with beautiful cacti and plants.  In the corner lied this perfect little plant with green leaves which is the inspiration for this pattern.


1.OH SO PERFECT - Deep Ocean 2.OH SO PERFECT - Burgendy Wine 3.OH SO PERFECT - Honey Drop 4.OH SO PERFECT - Backyard Blues 5.OH SO PERFECT - Blue Shores 6.OH SO PERFECT - Olive Tree

Sitting on a bench reading a book or looking at the simple potted plant perfectly placed in your backyard. Urban Garden encompasses moments that allow you slow down, take a breath of fresh air and see the beauty created within our cities. It’s that little escape that allows for balance in life.

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