Paper & Wings celebrates life’s detours & adventures.

I wanted a non-traditional way of living. I became a flight attendant, bought a camera, indulged in creating images—and started exploring the world.

Six continents, over 50 countries and 25 years later, I’m still flying, photographing and creating. My life and dual career are anything but usual. The experience of traveling inspires my artistic creations. I am energized by the adventure of discovering what’s different about a place.


Paper & Wings brings my worlds together.

And as much as I love the wonder and adventure of exploration, I’m always delighted to have the balance of nesting back at home in North End Halifax. So much of my travel and experiences have influenced my design, as well as the rituals I keep in my creation process.

I spent time in Hangzhou, China, where I did tea ceremonies every morning. I learned to slow down and take things in. When I got back to Canada, I adapted the tea ceremony as a daily ritual, and it’s in this space with Dragon Well green tea that I go into artistic mode.

The world is a big place, filled with cozy pockets. It’s these moments that evoke the sense that there’s not a problem that can’t be solved with a plane ticket and a change of scenery.

It’s life detours and adventures that have inspired, and are celebrated by Paper & Wings.